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Are You Playing With Faith or Fire?

His Word
July 28, 2014
Carla Burns

Proverbs 10-19

10 My son, if sinful men entice you,

do not give in to them.

11 If they say, “Come along with us;

let’s lie in wait for innocent blood,

let’s ambush some harmless soul;

12 let’s swallow them alive, like the grave,

and whole, like those who go down to the pit;

13 we will get all sorts of valuable things

and fill our houses with plunder;

14 cast lots with us;

we will all share the loot”—

15 my son, do not go along with them,

do not set foot on their paths;

16 for their feet rush into evil,

they are swift to shed blood.

17 How useless to spread a net

where every bird can see it!

18 These men lie in wait for their own blood;

they ambush only themselves!

19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain;

it takes away the life of those who get it.


I normally like to take this verse by verse however the above verses paints a vivid picture of the evil desires of men for personal gain. There are a few things that are important to understand. One is the sinful man and that we are all sinful if you do not know Christ. This warning is for those that do know Christ to be aware and stay away from those that may entice you. Although you are covered by grace as humans we still have flesh and free will. Because of this you can be swayed by the things of this world if you are not careful and mindful of the consequences. The path of the one whose plans are to hurt, steal or try to destroy another for your own personal gain is clear. It does not end well!

How can you apply this to your own life and business? Keep in mind the schemes and plans of evil are often subtle in the beginning; thinking just a little here and there is OK… no one will notice or get hurt. This type of person will present you with an offer that sounds good and try to convince you that the pleasure you can have now is greater than your eternal reward. Have you ever been asked to go in on a business venture with someone that had a history of deceit? Do your due diligence! Even when bringing new people into your business, if there is even a speck of doubt, run the other way. I pray people in and pray people out! You do not want anything or anyone hindering the blessings God has for you.

The liar and cheat are always exposed in time because of their own foolish ways they bring death and destruction to themselves and their family. I can’t stress enough the little ways this can happen in your modern 20th century.  Have you ever been in a situation to take away from someone something that what was rightfully theirs? Have you ever manipulated to achieve something for yourself? Have you ever lied to cover up a mistake? Have you ever stalked someone else’s friends on Facebook to perhaps charm them for your own benefit? Listen, you do not find them in poverty by receiving the blessing of God. Can you be under grace and be poor? YES! You have just not yet applied the laws of prosperity or you have fallen into the trap of ill-gotten gain which never lasts.


“The right people in the right time come to me under right conditions for my highest good.”

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