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His Word
April 14, 2016
Carla Burns


Why is forgiveness so much easier to extend to others than it is ourselves?

The Bible tells us if we do not forgive, He will not forgive us.

Mathew 6:15

That’s pretty harsh, which tells me God takes it very serious and so should we. WHY?

If the enemy can keep you from forgiving yourself, he has you right where he wants you. When you don’t forgive yourself, a door is open to self-destructive beliefs and behaviors that can literally lead to death. Not just a physical death, but a death of dreams, relationships, purpose, and even your mind. There is NOTHING you have done that wasn’t nailed to the cross. Nothing so great that the Father will hold against you. Release yourself today and lay whatever it is under His feet so you can move into the victory you were created and redeemed for!


This message on Love and Forgiveness has quite literally changed my life. I once believed that my sins were too great to be forgiven. I held onto the lie that I had to “DO” something to earn my way to heaven or worse yet… that it was too late and no matter what I did now, it wouldn’t be enough.  This led to all kinds of fears, competition, jealousy, bitterness, and worst of all feelings of unworthiness. After hearing the truth in this message of what Jesus did on the cross, it became so clear to me that I was able to rebuke all the lies I once believed and I have never looked back since. Talk about peace!!!!


This is a great podcast for you if you are looking for a deeper teaching on this subject!

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