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Sexy Thighs In 7 Days

May 11, 2016
Carla Burns






Want to LOVE your legs in as few as 7 days? Here are a few simple tips to put your best “leg” forward!

The secret to thinner, sexy thighs is three fold.

First, get off the machines that use external weight! Use your own body weight to lean up those legs rather than those adductor and abductor machines at the gym!  The exercise I have found that works BEST for my thighs (and for my mind, honestly!) is a 15 – 30 minute walk every day. This is SO important and so simple, yet sometimes it can be so hard to carve out “me” time.  When I get back home, after I have cooled off, I wrap both of my thighs with Ultimate Body Applicators. This is a great time to wrap because I can relax for about 45 minutes, while the wraps do their work!  Be sure to cool down completely prior to applying the wraps, as they work by penetrating and soaking into the skin (can’t do that if you’re sweating).  For optimal results, repeat every 72 hours!


Second, you need to understand that nutrition is actually 80% of the solution!   The real change begins to happen not when you grasp what to eat but what to AVOID that will help banish unsightly cellulite and give you sexy thighs in 7 days.  Genetics, hormones and inflammation all play a role in cellulite some of which we have no control… however, what we decide to consistently eat can DRASTICALLY reduce the appearance. For the next 7 days, eliminate all caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners and alcohol from your diet. Also,  upgrade your water intake (just track this and it will automatically increase) and the amount of protein you eat at each meal. I recommend 20 grams of protein at each meal and eight glasses of water (12 oz) at the minimum every day.

I love to supplement with an Ultimate ProFit  Superfood shake, because it gives me the added protein I need without artificial junk and no added sugar. The fact is, cellulite is trapped toxins and fat under the skin. If you want sexy legs in 7 days, you must help your body rid itself of these toxins and strengthen your collagen and elastin fibers with good nutrition and plenty of water.

Profit Info

Another powerful way to SUPER CHARGE the slimming effect is WITH GREENS! One of the quickest ways to help your body release toxins is to add greens to your daily rhythm. These 38 super foods PLUS probiotics will turbocharge the process, tastes really amazing and gives you an added boost of energy. Add 1-2 packets dailly and see for yourself why it’s a TOP SELLER.

Greens - Detox Organs

Third, skin texture and elasticity are the major factors in outward appearance and always the first things we see when we glance in the mirror. Two quick daily steps can help keep the skin texture smooth and firm. To obtain smooth and sexy thighs starts with a good exfoliation and hair removal.  I recommend using a dry brush to slough off dead cells as well as help improve circulation. To finish it off, chose a moisture cream that will leave the legs silky smooth all day long. I recommend Defining Gel as a TOP pick for two reasons. This gel hydrates your skin all day and acts as a slimming cream helping to tighten, tone and firm giving you those sexy legs in 7 days. Apply first thing in the morning  and at night for best results. Finally, add a little color to your legs with a spray tan or self-tan solution, just enough to give a nice bronze glow.


Follow these 3 steps for the next 7 days and you will strut your way to the beach in your HOT sexy legs!

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