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Beat The Holiday Bulge

December 4, 2013
Carla Burns

Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

With the holiday season upon us and Christmas around the corner it can be a challenge to avoid holiday weight gain. The hustle and bustle keeps us busy however the added stress and irregular schedules can hinder your weight loss efforts. It has been my experience that sticking to the following tips can help you avoid holiday weight gain. In fact, it is possible to stick to my program an actually lose weight during the month of December.

Take time to do these three things and you too can avoid the holiday bulge!

1. Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time. By doing this, you reduce the urge to grab unhealthy snacks on the run or at the mall when you are shopping and under pressure. Chose easy, portable meals like Ultimate ProFIT and It’s Essential meal replacement bars. Greens are also a great pick me up for a mid-afternoon energy boost!

Fresh fruit milk shake cocktail2. Never skip breakfast! This is not only the most critical meal of the day to set your metabolism, it is also the fuel you will need for the busy days ahead with your holiday schedule. Be sure to include a good source of protein, essential fat and fiber. This combination fires up your metabolism and gives you lasting energy and satisfaction for hours. My favorite holiday protein shake is an Eggnog Smoothie!!!

3. Stay present! The holidays can be very stressful, emotional and energy zapping. Allow yourself to enjoy the little things. Watch for moments of joy and linger there for a little while. Laugh when you watch children sitting with Santa, cry when you say goodbye to relatives that stop by, tell the people closest to you how you care for them. Stress during the holidays really can’t be avoided;  it’s a part of life but allowing it to effect you is your decision. When you can navigate this feeling you are less likely to reach for food to comfort you; you can simply enjoy all the fixins’ just because they are enjoyable.

 Looking for more guidance? Be sure to check out my latest call on how to “Makeover Your Holiday” this season.

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