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Fit & Rich
With Carla Burns: Millionaire Mom, Speaker, Author & Success Coach
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Carla Burns

We all have our own reason for wanting to start a home based business. For me, I wanted a family vacation that was paid for up front, not on a credit card. My first goal as an Itworks! Independent distributor was 300.00 a month.  What began as a vacation fund quickly became a new way of life for me and my family. As a registered nurse, I was at first skeptical of a product that could produce results in as little as 45 minutes.  However, this soon changed when I tried it on myself and saw results the very first wrap. In that moment the light bulb went off and I knew I had found what everyone else was still searching for. This was a unique product that no one else had and few had even heard of!

Catching the Vision

One year after starting with It Works!, My vision grew from our first fully funded vacation to leaving my career as a nurse to pursue It Works! full time.  “It was then that I began to understand what I really had my hands on…‘Oh! This is a real business!’ It went from my hobby and vacationing money to, ‘This is serious business!” I had never even heard of the profession called Network Marketing?? I began to train myself by reading every book I could get my hands on about this industry and attended all of our corporate events and weekly calls. I surrounded myself with people that had achieved success and found mentors that were like minded and had experience to help me develop. I have an incredible sponsor and realize the importance of this as you consider joining my team of Global Wrap Girls ( and guys…)

Starting our own home based business and getting out of debt using Itworks! global as your vehicle, has as much to do with relational growth as financial growth.  It’s about giving people hope, while educating people about how to change their lives from the inside out, from pay check to pay check with a mountain of debt to financial freedom. My passion began with the products and has evolved after seeing how life changing the opportunity has been in my family’s life. I now mentor and coach others the principles I have used myself to create a 6 figure monthly income as one of Itworks! Global Top Earners, Leadership Council member for two consecutive years and a respected expert in the field.

global wrap girlSetting New Goals

Having achieved success my goals are now more about accomplishments and helping my team succeed too. “You can always add more stuff, but it’s not about the stuff.  Once you’re out of debt you begin to see other things that are more important.” My profession as a registered nurse and my long felt call to help others lead a healthy life has empowered me to teach others a better way. You see in my profession there was no prevention. Now I am sharing prevention with others through It Works! And our amazing natural products and living the life most only dream of. If I am not travelling the globe, writing books or formulating new products you will find me home enjoying time with my family, serving as a leader in my church and building relationships with my distributors that I call family. I hope to call you this too…! Join the Family!

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