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Fit Tips to Naturally Relieve PMS

May 21, 2014
Carla Burns

It’s that time again… your favorite Aunt Flow is coming to town! You start feeling bloated, irritable, cramps and your family starts tip toeing around to not provoke an outburst of tears. Sound familiar? Has anyone found a natural way to eliminate PMS? I personally have not found a magical potion to banish the monthly bloat and blues but I have found ways to help relieve my own symptoms.  

  1. Daily exercise has been the most effective for me by far. There is something about movement, blood flowing, oxygen getting to my brain and those feel good hormones that get released that really elevate my mood. Exercise will also help with bloating and cramps because of the increased circulation.  
  2. Going organic has also been very helpful in putting my body back in balance. It’s important to be aware of the toxins and chemicals that can act like estrogen in your body. By choosing organic you can eliminate a large amount of additives and pesticides while giving your body nutrients it needs to stay balanced. Most recently I have switched my family to grass fed beef and milk products to avoid genetically engineered hormones that are injected into cows to make them produce more milk.
  3. I also pay attention to what goes on my body as well as what goes in. For example, hair products, skin care, soaps, deodorant and even toothpastes can contain preservatives called parabens.  Ladies we need to be aware that certain chemicals can act like estrogen in our body and make our PMS symptoms worse.
  4. Don’t forget your ItsGreens! Eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts have been proven to help remove excess estrogen from your body. It is the excess estrogen that is the cause of your PMS symptoms therefore keeping these levels in balance is the most natural way to ease discomfort. ItsGreens also contains probiotics which help keep you regular and having at least one bowel movement a day is important to remove excess toxins and recycled estrogen. Feeling a little sluggish? ItsGreens will help you get up and go too with 38 super foods without the jitters and crash that comes from caffeine. 

Its time to take control of your hormones instead of your hormones controlling you!

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