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French Women’s Secret to Staying Slim

March 19, 2013

Have you ever wondered the French women’s secret to staying slim? How do they manage to eat cheese, butter, baguettes, and drink wine while staying slim?

A few weeks ago I was in London, France and Belgium working with my Itworks! Team. My goal was to train and teach the ITworks! way and plant seeds for global expansion. What I learned along the way was life changing for me and I know will be for you also! To my great surprise while enjoying all the local flavors I actually LOST weight during my 10 day stay!!! Of course being  Fitcoach Carla I now had to figure out HOW??

Basically what I did was ate only good food of very high quality, small portions and loved every bite! From chocolate in Belgium, fish n chips in London, shortbread with afternoon tea and Chocolate croissant and lattes in Paris. I ate slowly, and made every dining experience pleasurable so I was satisfied with smaller portions of delicious food. No food was off limits! I didn’t worry about calories, sugar, gluten, fat… I just ate, enjoyed and stopped when I was full.

Being on a tight schedule also left no time for exercise so I could not say I “worked” it off? I did however walk everywhere and noticed most people did. I walked everywhere I needed to go some days all day long. I was active but enjoyed it because there was so much to see. I did take my ItsGreens and increased my water. When travelling that is so important to stay hydrated and immune system working at top function. I really felt great even with the 5-6hr time change, train rides, tube travel and several flights.

My conclusion… French women’s secret to staying slim; they enjoy food, life and friends. This is what is truly satisfying!!! So much so my body let go of excess weight and toxins simply because I created an environment of good whole food, great fresh air and fabulous new friends.  

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