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It Works Strategy: Win From Within

Success Principles
May 21, 2013
Carla Burns

“As a man think in his heart, so is He” Proverbs 23:7

Many of you will have read this verse or perhaps heard it spoken by successful leaders in most any industry.  It happens to be written by THE wealthiest and wisest man in history! King Solomon. When you speak it aloud right now what does it mean to you? AS I CARLA BURNS THINK.. THIS IS WHO I AM!!!

King Solomon’s words are very powerful yet they  are not a secret or anything magical. It is simply what is true at any given moment for YOU! SO you see to WIN from within really comes from what you believe in your heart. I believe in our business there are 4 areas that are key to building a solid foundation and when you can master your thoughts and words in these areas you too WILL WIN. In a nutshell, here’s the It Works Strategy: Win From Within.

 4 key Beliefs

Product- Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? The answer to this is the question itself!! Are YOU a product of the product? There is no better way to believe in something with your whole heart than to be a living testimony of it.  What are you saying about our products? Are you spending your time analyzing the ingredients or trusting that our incredible formulators have given us the best products on the planet?

Company-Yes we have many accomplishments and credibility, Success Magazine, Inc. 500 list and most recent the DSA named us one of the fastest growing MLMs worldwide! However, If you want to build belief in ITWorks! Global get to the next event! Attending an event  is the best way to FEEL who we are and experience firsthand the integrity of our leadership and catch the vision of our CEO Mark Pentecost. Also, listen to the corporate calls and stay plugged in. Where else will you get Mark, Pam,Mike, Dr. Don and Luis all in the same room at one time?? Not to mention Top earners eager to rub shoulders with you and share their secrets to success.

Profession-When you signed up for your business kit for 99.00 did you realize you are now also a CEO??? With the ability to produce millions in volume, impact hundreds of thousands of lives and live the life only people dream of? I did not! If you are like me you may have said “why not? What have I got to lose”  How I wish 6 years ago I had reworded my statement because it wasn’t until I myself believed in my heart that YES I TOO AM A CEO of my own ITworks Independent distributorship and this is my profession  that I started acting like one and my business changed overnight. I started winning!!!

Self- This is the biggy! Because it’s ALL about YOU! What are you saying about YOU?? This is a process I speak from experience !The person talking to you right now Carla Burns, Presidential Diamond Top Earner, author, fit coach and product developer was NOT so 6 years ago. In fact I remember the first time I was asked to speak. Pam and I traveled to Oklahoma for training with Melody and I literally hid behind the white board! I was so afraid and had no confidence in myself at all! That was not the worst part after it was over I was in the fetal position back seat of Mels SUV crying all the way home. BUT!!!!! I did NOT let that awful experience stop me. How did I get from there to here??? The same way YOU can! I surrounded myself with people that spoke life and encouraging words into me. I read every book I could on our profession and self-improvement. I watched Dr. Don and Cindy, Mark , Pam and Kami mentored me. Sure I wanted to give up but I didn’t because I had decided and believed in my heart I could WIN! If you don’t have a support system or even one person that will be the one to lift you up, chose a wrap star and get with them TODAY!!!

We ALL want to WIN!! We ALL CAN WIN!! Don’t you want to win??? Don’t you want to WIN???

It starts within!!!!

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