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How to Stress Less

Fit Life Adventure
May 18, 2016
Carla Burns

How can you tell if YOU are stressed out?

Well if you chose to read this you may believe you are and are looking for an answer to how to stress less.


First, how stressed are you right now?  Your body will tell you! Right now without doing anything different check in with your body.

Is your jaw clenched?

Are your shoulders slouched?

Do you have any tightness in your neck, shoulders or back?

Is your brow tense?


These are surface signs you may be under stress! Notice this now and take action because studies have shown that prolonged stress is a major cause of most diseases!

Stress over long periods can show up in your body as pain, inflammation, sickness, depression, anxiety and fatigue to name a few.


SO? What can you do?


It’s my personal belief that the ultimate solution for how to stress less is simple!

Chose LOVE in every situation. Love God, love others and love yourself. This simple awareness will change your perceptions and ultimately outcomes in your favor. You will find peace that passes all understanding!

Need a Chill Pill? 



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