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Fit & Rich
With Carla Burns: Millionaire Mom, Speaker, Author & Success Coach
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The It Works! Way

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The It Works Way : Friendships, Fun and Freedom!

friendshipfunfreedomGoing to work ranks somewhere near death and taxes for most people. But what if Mondays were not something to dread? A unique working environment implemented by the It Works! Global team has turned worked into a fun, family-focused event.

To create a high-energy, passionate environment, the It Works! team led the way by purchasing the company’s new waterfront headquarters located on a marina overlooking the Manatee River and sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico. This new facility echoes the leadership’s commitment to innovation, offering slides in place of stairs and “drive your boat to work” days.

“We like to say we’re more Jimmy Buffett than Warren Buffett,” Mark Says. “We’re serious about making money like Warren, but we love coming to work in our shorts and sandals.  Our culture is laid-back; we want people to feel at home, like family here.”

Branding has played a large role in creating a fun environment for distributors and team members.  The company’s colors, black green and bling, are seen everyone– on the company’s marketing materials, products and onstage at conferences.  “We’re proud to show off our team colors,” says Pam Sowder, Director of Marketing for It Works!

“Our mantra is friendships, fun and freedom. Wearing our brand helps create unity among our team members, and that attracts more people to us.”

As the company continues to thrive, new goals have been set but the fun is just beginning.  “We love to open up opportunities for people to experience things here at the corporate office that they may never experience on their own,” Wally says. “Whether it is riding a horse or driving four-wheelers at the ranch or feeling ownership on our golf course while they play a round, the It Works! team is committed to creating a family atmosphere that everyone can enjoy together.”



It Works! CEO and Founder, Mark Pentecost

Don’t Shrink Your Dreams. Grow Your Income!

markpentecostsunglassesWhen I started my career in network marketing, my dreams weren’t that big– just a flicker, really. My wife Cindy and I had the goal of earning $500 a month to help us get out of debt.  We started working our business one night a week.  We were almost afraid to get our hopes up, but as we started experiencing some success, we increased our commitment-– and our dreams!

Today, a decade after founding It Works!, our goals and dreams are bigger now than we ever could have imagined all those years ago.  Now my dreams are tied directly to helping anyone with the desire and dedication to reach for the success they want.

What do you really want in life? When did someone last take the time to ask you that question?  Well, I’m asking now. You see, I am passionate about helping you realize your full potential.  I know with hard work and dedication, and by following our simple three simple Steps to Success, you can live like others can’t because I bet you are willing to do what others won’t! I believe you are willing because you want more.


  • Time with your family
  • Fun (and less stress)
  • Travel
  • Freedom 

What’s keeping you from your dreams?  Is it crushing credit card debt you can’t seem to get out from under? Is it a dead-end job that’s too small for your big dreams? Are you willing to shrink your dreams or are you ready to grow your income? For most, achieving the American Dream by beginning a new business is simply not a reality.  With It Works!, you can have the future you dream of.  Now is the time for you to rewrite your future and your family’s future for generations to come.

It doesn’t matter what your background, education and experience level are: there isn’t any match for the size of your heart.  It Works! doesn’t have a glass ceiling. The sky truly is the limit. I’m making 2013 the year of re-dreaming.  Will you join me?  Let’s find out where the next BIG DREAM will take us!


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