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Fit & Rich
With Carla Burns: Millionaire Mom, Speaker, Author & Success Coach
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Work From Home

HI there! I am so happy you stopped by, I assume since you are looking you may be…

  • Tired of working 9-5?
  • Tired of helping your boss get richer?
  • Looking for an opportunity to generate retirement income?
  • Need a little extra FUN money?
  • Or maybe you are flat broke and need serious help NOW??

You are in the right place at exactly the right time!
Seven years ago I was just like you, working pay check to pay check, stressed out with no time to spend with my kids and no real plan for the future. I had never really thought about a home based business. After all that’s not what society teaches us..right?? I didn’t know how , what or really even IF I had time to try. Most people don’t realize that they DO have time, you can do it and the how is not as important as the WHY.. to start your own business and work from home?

When I launched my home-based business in 2007 I knew nothing about the profession called Network marketing. I knew nothing about running a home based business and I sure didn’t want to get up in front of people to demonstrate or try to “sell” something. SO…. How did I go from there to today earning a 7 FIGURE income as one of the TOP money earners in our industry??

I’ll teach you everything and how in 3 easy steps!

First, let me ask you this…
Are you willing to partner with me and give a full out effort to your business? I will mentor and coach you but ultimately YOU are going to be your own CEO. That’s right!! YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS.

Yep!!! Make your own hours, do life with people you actually like and create income for YOURSELF!

If Freedom of time and money sounds good to you lets get the party started. If you would have told me 7 years ago, I’d be a network marketing guru I would have said you are out of your mind. Don’t wait to change your life, no one else is going to change it for you.

Change can be fearful and emotional , I get that. This is why it became so apparent to me that the process of growth is key to your success. I have striven to improve myself and became an expert in self development. As a Jon Maxwell Certified Coach I am able to mentor you at an expert level and help you break-thru these fears to achieve things you never dreamed possible. I spent thousands of dollars perfecting my coaching ability which I offer my personal business partners as added value for choosing me as your sponsor.
This opportunity is EXACTLY what you need, although you don’t know it yet.This opportunity will give you freedom! the flexibility to set your own schedule, make full time money working part time from home and the power to fire your boss!

After just one year into this business, I left my career as a registered nurse. It was more important for me to be with my children while running a business from home. My goal was 300.00/mo! How much do you need to make? $500 a month? $5000 a month?

My passion is teaching people just like you how generate money that will last longer than your next pay check. I desire to help you put money in your pocket FAST!

My promise to you as my business partner is this. You will receive..

  • On-line training
  • Daily connection Phone, Email, Text, Facebook.
  • Access to My tips, Training and Private coaching
  • Live Events
  • Team Trainings
  • Private Facebook Coaching Group for training and connection with others on my team.
  • Step by Step Simple System

Did I mention we are EXPANDING!! I will share with you how to recruit on a global scale and operate your business in countries all over the world right from the comfort of your home. I have been blessed with International Team partners throughout Europe which allows our team many benefits of language, culture and travel !!!

How is the desk job sounding now??? YOUR CHOICE! YOUR DREAMS!
I want to take as many people on this amazing journey with me as I can… ARE YOU NEXT???