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Success Stories

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As a former employee in corporate America and with my husband, Angel, still currently employed in corporate America, we both desired something that a good paying career like that couldn’t give us, and that is time with our children. When I went back to work after having my first born, I would get to see him for a maximum of 30 minutes a day during the week. I didn’t work every weekend but I worked a lot of weekends. After putting my baby to bed I was back on the computer until midnight finishing up leftover work from my day, just to start all over at 6am the next day. My husband had the same work schedule and work load; I barely would ever get to see my baby. I missed my sons first steps and Angel missed his first word “ball.” I felt to be a good mother I had to fail at my job, and if I wanted to be successful at my job I had to fail as a mother. We learned quickly that with our new little addition to the family and the desire to want more children, that this lifestyle was not working for us. We were exhausted; we spent more time with people we didn’t want to be with and less and less time with each other.

Our why is very simple, to have the flexibility to be stay at home parents for our kids and still be able to have the freedom to provide for our family and to dream as big as we want to. It’s also important to us to teach our children that they can achieve anything they want as long as they go after it and help other people in the process. We want to leave a legacy for our family for generations to come. We want to be different and change our life and It Works has given us a vehicle to change that drastically with products that only improve health and lifestyle!

In Spanish

Como ex empleado en la corporativa Americana y con mi esposo, Angel, sigue trabajandoactualmente en el mundo empresarial, los dos deseábamos algo que una buena carrera pagandoasí no nos puede dar, y es el tiempo con nuestros hijos. Cuando volví a trabajar después de tener mi primer hijo, solo lo veía por un máximo de 30 minutos al día durante la semana. Yo no trabajolos fines de semana, pero he trabajado muchos fines de semana. Después de poner a mi bebé a la cama me sentaba en la computadora a terminar mas trabajo hasta la medianoche sólo paraempezar de nuevo a las 6am del día siguiente. Mi marido tenía el mismo horario de trabajo y la carga de trabajo, que apenas que alguna vez llega a ver a mi bebé. Extrañaba a mis hijos los primeros pasos y Ángel perdió la oportunidad de escucharlo decir su primer palabra “bola”. Me sentí como una buena madre que tenía que fallar en mi trabajo, y que si quería tener éxito en mi trabajo tenia que fallar como madre. Aprendimos rápidamente que con nuestra nueva pequeñaadición a la familia y el deseo de tener más hijos, que este estilo de vida no estaba trabajando para nosotros. Estábamos agotados, nos pasamos más tiempo con la gente que no queríamosestar con y cada vez menos tiempo juntos.

El por qué es muy simple, tener la flexibilidad de permanecer en nuestro hogar por nuestros hijosy aún así ser capaz de tener la libertad de proveer para nuestra familia y para soñar lo másgrande que queramos. También es importante para nosotros el enseñar a nuestros niños que ellos pueden lograr lo que quieran, siempre y cuando alcancen sus objetivos y ayuden a otras personas en el proceso. Queremos dejar un legado para nuestra familia para las generaciones en el futuro. Queremos ser diferentes y cambiar nuestra vida y It Works nos ha dado un vehículo para cambiar eso drásticamente con productos que sólo mejoran la salud y estilo de vida!



I’ve been in the fitness industry for many years and have seen a lot of network marketing companies. I joined a few of them, others I was not interested in either the product or the company. When I first introduced to It Works through Carla Burns,  I wasn’t very interested in joining another network marketing company. I had just lost my father and my mother was very sick.

But as soon as I saw a bunch of women at my networking group get excited about a product, I joined immediately.  No one had ever gotten excited about any nutrition product that I marketed.  I joined and took off with it right away.

My family and friends did not see the opportunity at first. I struggled for a bit in the beginning trying to get others to see this great opportunity I had my hands on. Then my mom passed away from cancer and instead of crawling under a rock, I focused 100% on It Works. My parents always believed I’d be successful and with no one left to ask for financial help when I needed it, I knew this was my time and this was my company.

I went diamond three months after my mom passed away and 5 months into the business.

I went from making just a few hundred dollars to make a few thousand dollars. It was at that point my husband Tyler decided to jump on board. He always loved the time freedom the network marketing industry provided and the low investment, but he like myself never got very far in other companies. It took him awhile to figure out how he was going to market a body contouring applicator, but when he saw how excited people were over this 1 of a kind product he figured out a way to use his internet marketing skills to market online.

We downsized our lifestyle so we could both focus full time on building our It Works business. It has paid off, we both earned the Get Out of Debt Bonus totaling $35,000 and are becoming financially free.

Beth Pratt



There are many reasons why I am so excited about my IT Works! business. My biggest “WHY” is the financial freedom and getting out of debt. What a blessing it would be to not have to live paycheck to paycheck every month. I have 3 amazing kids, a son and 2 daughters, one of which requires full care do to her disabilities. It is heartbreaking to have to say “No” to your kids about things they may want or do because of finances. They have already sacrificed so much because of their sisters special needs. It will be great to say “YES”!

I am so blessed that I recently I was able to quit my job which now gives me freedom of my time. It is going to be great to spend time over the summer break with the family especially with my oldest coming home from college. I love that through my IT Works! business I get the opportunity to touch other lives, both financially and with a healthier lifestyle.[/tab_3]


Hello my name is Brandi Phillips and I am currently a Diamond Distributor with It Works! Global. I am married to Jeremy and have a beautiful daughter, Brynn who is currently in college pursuing a Radiology Technician degree. In my J-O-B I am a Realtor, licensed in Louisiana, and have been practicing for 10 years.

I decided to join It Works! Global because I wanted to be able to pay for my daughter to go to college with out having to get any student loans and to become debt free and have the freedom of “owning” my own time. With my job, I see people who can’t qualify for home loan because they have too much student loan debt and I did not want that to happen to her. Since joining over a year ago I have realized just how much I am able to help other people to change their health and wealth. My favorite part of this journey that I am on is the traveling that I am doing, by choice of course. I am meeting new people and going new places and God is placing me in people’s lives and them in mine for a purpose, and I love that I am able to leave a legacy for my family.

The one piece of advice I have is DO NOT EVER QUIT.[/tab_4][/tabs]