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Fit & Rich
With Carla Burns: Millionaire Mom, Speaker, Author & Success Coach
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Soul FIT

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“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?”

There is so much more to being fit than diet and exercise! To be complete and whole you must also care for your mind and soul by feeding it wisdom and knowledge. This food comes from hearing the truth that I have found throughout pages and pages of the book of Proverbs. As your FiTCOACH it is my desire to see you grow in all areas mind, body and SOUL.

fitcoach carla burns, it works global, Many of you have asked me the question “HOW?”

  • How did I become a millionaire mom with no prior business experience?
  • How do I manage a home, family, marriage and stay balanced while leading a team globally?
  • How do I overcome fear, doubt and discouragement?
  • How do I stay young, fit and full of energy after 40?
  • How do I walk in abundance and favor?

ALL of these answers can be found in Proverbs! It has been through the application of timeless, practical truth found in the words of King Solomon. There is not another workbook, author or mentor I can think of throughout the history of mankind that was given so much wisdom and knowledge and blessed beyond measure by its application.

It is because I have experienced in my own life the fruit of applying the wisdom found in Proverbs that I am so passionate about sharing the same truth with you. As you follow my weekly blog my intention is to take it verse by verse and share how you too can apply the wisdom found to your own life circumstances.

May you be as blessed as you are fed wisdom and knowledge to keep your soul fit!