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Fit & Rich
With Carla Burns: Millionaire Mom, Speaker, Author & Success Coach
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FitCoachCarlaCover238x333FITCOACH  is your guide to a breakthrough where you will learn how to create freedom with food in three areas. First, food affects your mood! When you learn to give yourself permission to enjoy food you will free yourself from the bondage of guilt, worry and resentment. Second, Your Beliefs determine your weight! When you are able to transform the conditioning of society, media, culture and family you breakthrough these false beliefs and live an authentic Fitlife. Third, Food is your Friend! Carla will teach you the science behind food and its effects on your body to create a healthy perspective. You will learn to enjoy food with over 100 of Carla’s personal favorite recipes
you entire family will love.

$10 New Year Sale!

Claim Your Power ! will be on sale for the special price of $10. For every book sale in the month of January, $10 will be donated to Children’s Cup, an organization raising funds to feed children in Africa. Our faithful giving is what fuels their God-given vision to transform communities by giving hope, inspiring dreams, and changing worlds.

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Sale ends January 31st or while supplies last!


Claim Your Power will transform your beliefs about food, diets and exercise while empowering you to achieve your ultimate goals. Click on the Buy Now button to order your copy now!


Carla’s passion is to make a lasting impact in the world today and set people free. She will show you how simply being willing to change the way we view food , exercise and diets transformation can happen.

The first step Carla suggests is to give yourself permission to look good and feel sexy! YES, it’s really okay and that simple. Carla then shows you how to do this is by reprogramming your relationship with food and discovering the three truths that will set you free mind, body and spirit.

If You Have Ever:

  • started a diet on Monday;
  • undergone “Haagen-Dazs therapy” after a breakup;
  • felt guilty for not “cleaning your plate”;
  • felt unaccepted for who you are; or
  • blamed your parents’ bad “genes” for your thick thighs;

Then this book is for you!

Carla’s experience and passion for nutrition will shift your mind and heal your heart. It will challenge you while it restores your power to make healthy conscious choices.

It will transform your beliefs about food, diets and exercise while empowering you to achieve your ultimate goals.

FITCOACH  reveals the truth about diet and exercise.  It will inspire you to discover your own relationship with food, identify your own limiting beliefs and learn to fall in love with food and yourself.

If you want to breakthrough harmful beliefs, shift your mind-set, and discover a step by step process to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it for life, then this is the book for you!