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The New CEOS

Success Principles
May 13, 2013

Summer couple using laptop“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F Kennedy

It’s important to first realize there are two kinds of change, changes we can see and changes we can’t see that are still happening around us. Change is also inevitable. How we do business and how we communicate is changing at this very moment.  Gone are the days that a CEO sits behind a desk in a high rise building working 80-120hrs a week carrying a brief case from meeting to meeting?  Gone too are the days that CEO’s are men in their 50-60’s that worked their way to the top of the corporate ladder and left wives, families and friends for fortune.

The New CEOS is an example of both! Changes that are happening now and changes that have been evolving un-noticed by most.  Even business tycoons Warren Buffet and Donald Trump realize this change and have made adjustments to follow the wave of The New CEOS. What we didn’t see was this gradual shift happening, early network industry icons were few, some now in business for over 50 years and have created BILLIONS in annual revenue.  Today there are over 1,000 of them, and an estimate of over 100,000 since the industry began in 1945. Each of these companies are creating generations of wealth and legacy’s for families worldwide.

Today the New CEOS are US! We are this change; our profession called network marketing has changed the face of business. We, the New CEOS work from where ever we want, whenever, however and with whom we chose.  We work from home, beach or yachts carrying the latest cell phone, laptops and Bluetooth. The New CEO is an entrepreneur with a desire to live life to the fullest, working our work into our play and enjoying the journey.  We dream BIG and bring the masses with them. Our passions become our pursuits and the products we represent are often cutting edge, first to market, highest quality and life changing for the consumer.

We are the next generation of self-made millionaires. The New CEOS are DEBT FREE! We don’t leverage with banks we leverage time and people accessing through social media and word of mouth a worldwide economy of potential customers and business partners. You will find us at the beach, at our children’s soccer games, attending local charities to name a few. We wear our brand not someone else’s to work and we are a product of the product we represent. The New CEOS help others succeed first and become our nation’s leaders, communicators and philanthropists. We started from all walks of life, teachers, nurses, firemen, stay at home moms and farmers to name a few… WE are The New CEOS.

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